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I would like to install LibertyBSD on my PC, but I would like to ask something first. I have an Atheros AR9271 Wi-Fi adapter. On the PC that I would like to install LibertyBSD on, this Wi-Fi adapter is the only way to connect to the internet. Would this adapter work with LibertyBSD?
I found an OpenBSD manual page mentioning it here, but I don't know if this applies to LibertyBSD as LibertyBSD removed non-free firmware from the base system.



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Re: Atheros AR9271 wireless

When it comes to the AR9271, LibertyBSD didn't have to remove anything-- we just removed fw_update, the program that fetches the non-free athn fw when you install the system.

Honestly, I'd recommend find a wireless card for your computer that is compatible with LibertyBSD and doesn't require non-free firmware (atw.4, etc).

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I didn't know the AR9271 required non-free firmware in a BSD system, in Trisquel GNU/Linux it works just fine. Then again that's a completely different operating system.

I guess I'm going to install LibertyBSD on a PC that was more of a second choice, you'll understand I like keeping my systems as free as possible.

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Re: Atheros AR9271 wireless

The athn-firmware package is the non-free firmware-- it just installs the data from
That package shouldn't be in our repository at all, I'm sorry-- I've deleted it now and added it to our blacklist. If you're not OK with non-free firmware on your system, you should delete this package.

If you're actively using an AR9271 as your only way to access the internet... you might want to find a more libre dongle.

You could use a urtw dongle ( … sb-adapter), which isn't as sophisticated as the AR9271, but is libre for OBSD and LBSD.

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For some reason, I had a similar problem. Do you think this could be because of network settings or due to the fact that I use proxy server? Thanks for the tips.